Brancusi’s Studio 

The studio of the legendary sculptor and painter Constantin Brancusi is an iconic landmark of modern art. 

Brancusi’s studio is a living museum next to Centre Pompidou that portrays the creative spirit of its creator. 

It provides invaluable insight into the creative process of the greatest modern sculptors.

What to expect at Brancusi’s Studio 

The Brancusi Studio at the Centre Pompidou in Paris is a must-see for anyone interested in the works of the renowned Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. 

The studio has been preserved just as the artist left it in 1957 and is a unique insight into his creative process. 

Visitors to the studio can expect to experience a unique journey into the mind of a master sculptor.

The studio is located on the lower level of the Centre Pompidou. 

Upon entering the studio, visitors are awestruck by the sheer amount of sculptures, tools and materials used by Brancusi. 

The studio is filled with sculptures in various stages of completion, from large stone works to smaller pieces made from wood and metal. 

It is also home to an extensive collection of tools, including chisels, hammers and saws.

The studio also offers a glimpse into Brancusi’s creative process. Visitors can see how he worked, from the initial sketches to the finished sculptures. 

His working space is still filled with his drawings, plans and photographs, which provide a unique insight into his creative process.

The studio also contains several of Brancusi’s personal belongings, including his desk, chair and bed. 

These items offer a unique insight into the artist’s life and show how he lived and worked in the studio.

Finally, the studio allows visitors to see some of Brancusi’s most famous works, such as “Bird in Space” and “Mlle Pogany.” 

Brancusi’s Studio opening time 

The Brancusi’s Studio is open from 2 pm to 6 pm daily.

The studio is closed on Tuesdays and May 1.

Best time to visit Brancusi’s Studio 

The best time to visit Brancusi’s Studio is during the summer months. 

The studio is open from 10 am to 6 pm from June to August, Monday to Sunday. 

During the summer, the studio is lovely and vibrant. 

The sunlight reflects off the sculptures, giving them a golden glow. 

The whole experience is even more special because the sculptures are displayed in their original setting as if Brancusi had just left them there.  

The summer is also a great time to visit Brancusi’s Studio because of the numerous events and activities in the surrounding area. 

Throughout the summer, Centre Pompidou and the surrounding area host a variety of festivals, exhibitions and concerts. 

Visitors can also enjoy the many cafes and restaurants in the area and nearby museums and galleries.  

The summer months are the busiest time of year for Brancusi’s Studio, so planning and booking tickets in advance is essential. 

The studio is also subject to closures due to special events, so it’s best to check the schedule before visiting.

Things to do at Brancusi’s Studio

The Brancusi’s Studio is the only studio designed by the renowned sculptor Constantin Brancusi and it is the place where he produced some of his most iconic works of art. 

Visitors to the studio can take a tour, view the artwork and even participate in various activities. 

Explore Brancusi’s art

Explore Brancusi’s art
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The main attraction at the studio is Brancusi’s art. 

Visitors can admire his 137 sculptures and 87 original bases, 41 drawings, 2 paintings and the materials he used to create them. 

Brancusi also designed several pieces of furniture, including a large table and chair, which he used for sculpting. 

These artworks are available for viewing and can be inspiring.

Learn about Brancusi’s creative process

The studio also allows visitors to learn more about Brancusi’s creative process. 

Guided tours are available and provide insight into how he created his signature pieces. 

Visitors can also watch a documentary film about the artist and his work. 

Take part in a creative workshop

The studio also hosts various workshops, which allow visitors to explore Brancusi’s creative process in a more hands-on way. 

Visitors can learn how to use his tools and materials and participate in activities such as sculpting and painting. 

Some workshops focus on the importance of creativity and its role in modern art. 

Brancusi’s Studio Highlights

Brancusi’s Studio is a remarkable showcase of his creative genius, featuring sculptures, original bases, drawings and paintings. 

Showcasing the artist’s unique imagination and creativity.


The studio sculptures of Brancusi are renowned for their minimalistic, abstract forms, which embody a modernist aesthetic.

Here is the list of sculptures 

  • Phocus II
  • The Sleeping Muse
  • Rooster
  • The Sleeping Muse II
  • Mold of the Head carved in a stone
  • Elongated shape
  • Endless column
  • The Baroness
  • Mille Pagans III


The original bases displayed at Brancusi’s Studio in Paris continues to captivate viewers.

The original bases displayed at the studio include

  • Studio view: Socles (before 1922)
  • Base (1922)
  • Natural wood base
  • Basement
  • Pedestals


The studio Drawings are a remarkable collection of sketches that provide a glimpse into the artist’s creative process

Some of the iconic drawings found the Brancusi’ studio include

  • Study for “Gate of the kiss”
  • Study after the double capital of the Column of the Kiss
  • The kiss
  • Study of flowers
  • portrait of a woman


The studio paintings of iconic Romanian sculptor Brancusi demonstrate his unique ability to capture the essence of a subject matter in a few well-considered brushstrokes.

Here is the list of paintings by Brancusi found in the studio. 

  • Woman profile
  • Profile of woman in a bun, face tilted
  • White canvas background
  • Blue canvas background
  • Black canvas background

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