Centre Pompidou map

The Centre Pompidou spans over ten levels and 75000 square meters. 

This includes 12,210m² of the permanent collection of the Nation Museum of Modern Art and 5,900m² of the temporary collection. 

The museum also houses two screening rooms, a performance theatre and a conference room. 

Guests can also visit the public library and museum documentation and research center, the Kandinsky Library. 

When touring such a large museum, it is easy to lose your way without a guide. 

If you are exploring the museum yourself, make sure you have the Centre Pompidou map to enjoy the best visit. 

Centre Pompidou layout 

Centre Pompidou welcomes guests with an intuitive welcome area. 

The basement area houses spaces devoted to performance art, audiovisuals, debates and public activities. 

The ground floor consists of Kid’s studio, Centre Pompidou boutique, Forum and bookshop. 

Guests can find the hommage to Georges Pompidou at this level. 

On level 1, visitors get access to the public library, theater, cafe and Gallery 4 and 5.

Ascending to the second level, visit the public library that offers reading and working space for all visitors. 

The public library extends to the third level and shares the level with the famous Kandinsky library. 

Europe’s most extensive modern art collection can be found on the 4th and 5th levels of the Centre Pompidou. 

This permanent collection covers various disciplines from history, culture and art from 1905 to the present day. 

Level 4 contains works of the contemporary period from the mid-1960s to the present day. 

In addition, level 4 also offers a fun film, video, sound and digital workspace, a museum cinema room, a temporary exhibition gallery and a gallery of graphic art. 

Level 5 presents art developments from 1905 to the mid-1960s

The change in the time period of levels 4 to 5 helps visitors understand the transition from Fauvism to neo-Avant-grades. 

Level 6 holds Gallery 1 and 2, which host temporary exhibitions. 

Le Georges restaurant is also found on this level of the museum along the terrace, offering perfect views of Paris city.

Featured Image: BPI.fr

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