Centre Pompidou parking information

The Centre Pompidou is well connected to the city due to Paris’s perfectly planned road system. 

Driving to Centre Pompidou is one of the most convenient means of reaching the museum. 

If you plan to visit the museum by car, keep in mind that the car park is available only at 31 Rue Beaubourg. 

However, various parking facilities are available near Centre Pompidou. 

All the parking lots are within walking distance and offer easy access to the museum. 

Here is the list of parking facilities near Centre Pompidou: 

  • Beaudourg Centre Pompidou (2 minutes) 
  • Beaubourg Horloge Indigo (2 minutes) 
  • Indigo Sebastopol (4 minutes) 

Featured Image: Indigoneo.es

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