Centre Pompidou Parking – Official, Free and Cheap Parking

Driving to Centre Pompidou is one of the most convenient means of reaching the museum. 

If you plan to visit the museum by car, remember that the car park is available only at 31 Rue Beaubourg. 

Specially designated parking spots for handicapped visitors are available on levels –2 and –3, ensuring accessibility for all. 

You can exit the car park through the lifts leading to Rue Saint-Martin, just above the bustling Place Georges Pompidou. 

With thoughtful amenities, Centre Pompidou continues to enhance the visitor experience, making every aspect of the journey convenient and enjoyable.

Free Parking near Centre Pompidou

Street parking is divided into paid and free zones. 

Free street parking areas are often very hard to find, making it almost impossible to enjoy free parking in Paris.

Street parking is free on Sundays but very limited. 

If you can not find a free parking spot, there are affordable parking options near Centre Pompidou. 

Paid Parking Near Centre Pompidou 

Apart from the Centre Pompidou parking, there is a lot of paid parking near Centre Pompidou.

Here are the parking spots with distance and parking fee:

Parking SpotDistance from Centre PompidouParking Fee for 1 Hour
Beaubourg Centre Pompidou2 min €4
Beaubourg Horloge INDIGO2 min €5
INDIGO Sébastopol3 min €5
SAEMES Rivoli-Sébastopol5 min €5
Forum des Halles – Berger7 min €4
Forum des Halles-Rambuteau7 min €5
SAEMES Hôtel de Ville – Paris7 min€5
SAEMES Les Halles – Saint-Eustache8 min€5
INDIGO Turbigo Saint-Denis8 min €4
Baudoyer9 min €4
INDIGO Saint-Martin9 min €5
Q-Park Rivoli Pont Neuf – Samaritaine10 min €6

Things To Remember While Parking in Paris 

Here are some things to remember while parking in Paris:

Apps for Instant Parking

Apps like Parclick and Parkopedia are lifesavers. 

They display available parking spaces in real time and often allow users to book in advance.

Consider Parking Outside the City Center

Opt for parking slightly outside the city center where it’s less crowded. 

Utilize public transport for easy access to the heart of Paris.

Understanding Parking Rules

Familiarize yourself with Paris’s parking zones, each having different rates and time limits.

Street Parking Guidelines

Street parking is usually payable from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm. 

Sundays and public holidays typically offer free parking. 

Always check local signage for specific regulations.

Look out for ‘Blue Zones’

Look for ‘blue zones’ where free parking is available but limited to two hours. 

Use a disc (available at tobacco shops) to indicate your arrival time.

Residential Areas Caution

Some residential areas require a special permit. 

It’s advisable to avoid these to steer clear of hefty fines.

FAQs about Parking near Centre Pompidou

1. Is parking near Centre Pompidou free?

No, there is no free parking near Centre Pompidou. 

However, early arrival may provide access to Centre Pompidou parking.

2. What are the paid parking options near Centre Pompidou?

Paid options include Beaubourg Centre Pompidou (€4 for 1 hour), Beaubourg Horloge INDIGO (€5), and others with varying fees.

3. What are some affordable parking alternatives near Centre Pompidou?

Affordable options include Baudoyer (€4 for 1 hour) and Forum des Halles-Berger (€4).

4. How can visitors enhance their parking experience in Paris?

Use parking apps like Parclick, consider parking outside the city center, understand parking rules, and look for ‘blue zones’ for free but time-limited parking.

Featured Image: Indigoneo.es

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